View browser trace details

New Relic Browser provides basic browser traces for Lite accounts. Recommendation: To view more comprehensive information about the full webpage's life cycle with session trace details, upgrade your Lite account.

Select browser traces (Lite)

Lite accounts: View browser traces from any of these pages as applicable:

Browser page New Relic Browser UI
Browser Overview

Go to > (select an app) > Browser Overview > (select a transaction).

Page views

Go to > (select an app) > Page views > (select a transaction).


Go to > (select an app) > Geography > (select a location) > (select an area).

Key transaction

Go to Key transactions > (select a key transaction) > (select a transaction trace) > Page views link.

The selected page lists all browser traces collected in the selected time period. By default, New Relic lists traces by page load time.

Lite: Browser trace > (select an app) > Page views > (select a transaction) > (select a browser trace): Here is an example of browser trace details for a Lite account.

Examine trace details

After you select a specific browser trace, additional details appear. Aggregate data for the specific transaction provides a baseline comparison, and a link allows you to quickly run a performance test of the page using An API in the New Relic agent allows you to associate extra details with traces, including user, account, and product names.

If you want to... Do this...
View specific page load timing information Mouse over any section of the performance trace bar.
View information about averages and similar browser traces Select the Baseline comparison link.
Run a performance test (if available)

Select Test this page with provides free website speed tests from multiple locations around the globe using real browsers. You can use it to profile the performance of specific pages as long as the pages do not require authentication.

View the Browsers page for the selected trace's browser Select the browser's name.
View the Geography page for the selected trace's browser Select the location link.
View additional request details Select the URL link.
screen-navigation-timing-details-browser > (select an app) > Overview > (select a browser trace): Here is an example of a browser trace with expanded details collected via the Navigation Timing API.

Include user, account, product in trace

The New Relic agent provides an API to specify extra details associated with a browser trace.

screen-browser-trace-user-details > (select an app) > Overview > (select a browser trace): Here is an example of the user, account, and product request details at the bottom of a browser trace record.

The API values depend on the New Relic agent you use.


Currently n/a.


Use these three parameters with Java:




All three of these parameters are required with PHP, but they can be empty strings:

newrelic_set_user_attributes('user', 'account', 'product')
newrelic.agent.add_custom_parameter(key, value)

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