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Events reported by browser monitoring

Our reports event data that's displayed in our UI and that's available for querying and charting.

Select an event name in the following table to see its attributes.




PageView tracks geographic and timing data for each browser page load.


PageViewTiming sends each data point as a separate event as soon as it is available. This is useful for asynchronous, dynamic pages.

To use this event, you must have browser agent version 1149 or higher. For more information, see the PageViewTiming query examples.


PageAction event tracks data on each action performed on a page. Its attributes provide app and geographic data, as well as data about the user’s browser dimensions, session IDs, and referring and page URLs.

BrowserInteraction (SPA)

BrowserInteraction contains several PageView attributes as well as attributes that are specific to single-page apps (SPA)


An AjaxRequest event is created any time an Ajax call is made. When an Ajax call happens during a BrowserInteraction event, it is decorated with additional attributes related to the browser interaction. The event attributes track geographic and browser information.

BrowserTiming (SPA)

BrowserTiming is a custom event that captures SPA timing data for browser interactions started using the custom createTracer SPA API method. BrowserTiming contains many of the same attributes used by other events, especially AjaxRequest.


When a JavaScript error occurs, a JavaScriptError event is created. JavaScriptError captures JavaScript error data as well as browser interaction data. For more information, see the JS errors page in the browser UI and the example NRQL queries for browser and SPA events.


Span data is reported for distributed tracing.

For details about how long this data is retained, see Data retention.

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