APM agent data security

The New Relic APM agent that you installed receives data from your applications and retains that data based on your subscription level. New Relic's default security settings automatically provide security to ensure data privacy and to limit the kind of information New Relic receives. You may have business reasons to change these settings.

If you want to restrict the information that New Relic receives, you can enable high security mode. If high security mode or the default settings do not work for your business needs, you can apply custom settings.

Security settings

Default security settings

Depending on the agent, the default settings provide security for request parameters, HTTPS usage, and SQL:

High security mode

When the agent is in high security mode, default settings are locked so that users cannot change them.

In addition, high security mode applies restrictions to custom events, custom instrumentation, user attributes, exception messages, or message queue parameters, depending on the agent:

Custom security settings

If you want custom security settings, you can customize the configuration file, change custom attribute settings, or use the API, depending on your agent:

Data received by New Relic

This information applies to all New Relic APM agents no matter what security settings you have applied.

Other data that New Relic receives is specific to the security settings for each agent.

Data Captured?
APM agent language version [check icon]
OS type and version [check icon]
System properties [check icon]
Average response time of transactions in your app [check icon]
URL hits [check icon]
Client IP address Not captured

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