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Apollo Server plugin and Node.js

The New Relic Apollo Server plugin instruments your Apollo Server applications to give visibility into your GraphQL payloads. This helps you uncover and diagnose the cause of your slow GraphQL queries.

Our plugin records overall timings for queries and uses distributed tracing to uncover the route problem. Use this instrumentation to see if the problem arises from resolving a piece of requested data or if it stems from work done on other services or databases.


The New Relic plugin works with the following Apollo Server modules:

  • apollo-server
  • apollo-server-express
  • apollo-server-hapi
  • apollo-server-koa
  • apollo-server-fastify

Because fastify is not fully instrumented in the Node.js agent, transactions are prefixed with WebTransaction\Nodejs.

Other plugins may work, depending on their underlying implementation, but they have not been verified.

GitHub documentation

For detailed information about installation, configuration, transaction details, metrics, segments, errors, testing, troubleshooting, and more, see New Relic's Apollo Server plugin documentation on GitHub.

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