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Uninstall (remove) the C SDK

Follow these procedures as appropriate to temporarily disable the C SDK in your app's code library or to remove it completely.

Write instrumentation you can disable

As a C library that provides direct access to the New Relic API, the C SDK cannot be turned on or off directly. However, you can write your code for the SDK so that a quick recompile and deploy can enable or disable your instrumentation.

One approach is to use an #ifdef macro. By surrounding all your instrumentation in #ifdef macros and setting the value of YOURNAMESPACE_NEWRELIC_ENABLED with your build system, you will be able to quickly enable or disable New Relic's instrumentation in your C/C++ based programs by recompiling them and then redeploying the application.

Uninstall completely

To remove the New Relic C SDK completely from your app's code library:

  1. Remove the linking to libnewrelic.a in your build system.
  2. Remove all New Relic API calls from your application code.
  3. Recompile and redeploy your application.
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