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Uninstall (remove) the C SDK

Follow these procedures as appropriate to temporarily disable the C SDK in your app's code library or to remove it completely.

Write instrumentation you can disable

As a C library that provides direct access to the New Relic API, the C SDK cannot be turned on or off directly. However, you can write your code for the SDK so that a quick recompile and deploy can enable or disable your instrumentation.

One approach is to use an #ifdef macro. By surrounding all your instrumentation in #ifdef macros and setting the value of YOURNAMESPACE_NEWRELIC_ENABLED with your build system, you will be able to quickly enable or disable New Relic's instrumentation in your C/C++ based programs by recompiling them and then redeploying the application.

Uninstall completely

To remove the New Relic's C SDK completely from your app's code library:

  1. Remove the linking to libnewrelic.a in your build system.
  2. Remove all New Relic API calls from your application code.
  3. Recompile and redeploy your application.

For more help

If you need more help, check out these support and learning resources:

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