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Install the C SDK: Compile and link your code

Our C SDK auto-instruments your code so you can start monitoring applications. You can use our launcher, or follow the instructions in this document to complete a basic C SDK installation.

If you don't have one already, create a New Relic account. It's free, forever.

Add C data

Add the C SDK to your code

To monitor your application with New Relic's C SDK, instrument the features you want to use:

  • Web transactions, transaction events, non-web transactions
  • Segments (for additional levels of timing details)
  • Attributes
  • Errors

Then compile and link your app against the C SDK static library.

To install the C SDK into your application's code library, follow this procedure.

For more information, see the C SDK GUIDE.md.

View app performance in New Relic

To view your app's performance with APM:

  1. Generate some traffic for your app, then wait a few minutes for your app to send data to New Relic.
  2. Explore your app's data in the APM UI.

If no data appears within a few minutes, check your c_sdk.log and newrelic-daemon.log files for errors. If you still have problems, follow the troubleshooting tips.

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