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Compatibility and requirements for AI monitoring

AI monitoring allows agents to recognize and capture AI data. AI monitoring has different library compatibility requirements depending on what language you used for your AI-powered app.

When you disable distributed tracing or enable high security mode, the agent will not capture AI data.


You should not enable AI monitoring if you're a FedRAMP customer, because AI and AI-based technologies are not currently FedRAMP authorized.

Compatible AI libraries

AI monitoring is compatible with these agent versions and AI libraries:

Agent version

Supported libraries

Go version 3.31.0 and above

Java version 8.12.0 and above

.NET version 10.23.0 and above

Node.js version 11.13.0 and above

Python version 9.8.0 and above

Ruby version 9.8.0 and above

Monitoring at scale with NVIDIA NIM

AI monitoring can integrate with and collect data about any models supported by NVIDIA NIM. For example, if you've built a Python or Node.js AI app that uses llama3, mistralai, or one of NVIDIA's proprietary LLMs, you can instrument those apps with AI monitoring and view performance data about your apps.

No additional steps are needed to integrate with NVIDIA NIM: you can follow our manual procedures for installation, or install directly through the New Relic platform.

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