No data appears (PHP)


After installing the New Relic PHP agent and waiting at least five minutes, no data appears in your New Relic UI.


If no data appears after you wait at least five minutes, use New Relic Diagnostics to automatically detect common problems and suggest troubleshooting. If that does not solve your issue, try the following:

  1. Make sure your system meets the compatibility and requirements.
  2. If you are using a non-standard version of PHP, the default installer may not find your version of PHP. To install the PHP agent with a non-standard version of PHP, follow the advanced install instructions.
  3. Make sure your apps have a descriptive, unique name. If you have multiple apps with the same name, such as the default app name PHP Application, data from all of the applications rolls up into the default app name and may appear like it is not reporting.
  4. Restart your web server (Apache, Nginx, PHP-FPM, etc.), and wait a few minutes for data to appear.
  5. Check phpinfo() to verify that you installed the PHP agent and that the license key in it is correct.
  6. Verify if your system is using SELinux. If it is, configure SELinux to work with the agent.
  7. Verify that both the agent and the daemon are writing to their log files. If they aren't, reinstall the agent. Then, check the log file permissions and make sure the log owner is the same as the New Relic user.
  8. Make sure you have the correct permissions.
  9. If none of the previous solutions solved the issue, try Agent stops after you update PHP or After previosuly reporting data, the PHP agent stops reporting.

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