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Query and alert on billing/usage data

For accounts on our New Relic One pricing plan, we provide a UI for understanding your New Relic usage and managing your data. Additionally, you can:

Note that account hierarchy may affect queried data. See Account structure.

Available data types

Usage data is attached to these events:

  • NrConsumption records usage every hour, and is the equivalent of "real-time" usage. Use this event to observe usage trends over time.
  • NrMTDConsumption generates aggregate values from the NrConsumption event. Use this event to see usage or estimated cost for a billing period.
  • NrUsage records usage every hour and is used to see usage reported per product.

To see changes made to your account (for example, user management changes), you can query NrAuditEvent.

Query examples

The usage UI displays your data usage and billable user count. But to get more detail, you can use these NRQL queries. For definitions of some of the attributes used in these queries, see Attributes.

Data usage queries

Here are some data usage query examples:

User count queries

Here are some user-related query examples. For details on how users are counted, see User count calculations.

Set usage alerts

To help manage your billable data, you can set alerts to notify you of unexpected increases in usage. Learn how to create alerts with NRQL queries here.


When creating alert conditions, you should set the Evaluation offset value to 60 minutes or your conditions may not trigger.

Here are some NRQL alert condition examples. For attribute definitions, see Attributes.

Available attributes

Below are some of the important attributes attached to usage events.




The category of usage. There are four options: DataPlatform, FullStackObservability, IncidentIntelligence, or ProactiveDetection. For more details about these categories, see New Relic platform.


Consolidates multiple categories of usage into a single metric. Helpful when faceting by productLine.


ID of the New Relic account that is directly responsible for the stored events, as determined from the license key used.


Calculates a cost estimate based on usage and metric cost. This is an estimate of costs to date, not your monthly invoice.

For more attributes, see the data dictionary.

For more help

If you need more help, check out these support and learning resources:

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