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User roles in synthetic monitoring

Access to synthetic monitoring features varies whether a user is on the newer New Relic One user model or our original user model.

For an explanation of user models and how they relate to our pricing models, see Overview of pricing and user changes.

Users on original user model

For users on our original user model, access will vary depending on whether you have default roles or custom roles:

Default access

  • Admins have full access to all synthetic monitoring features on an account.

  • Users have access to all synthetic monitoring features except secure credentials and the ability to delete monitors, monitor downtime, and private locations.

  • Restricted Users on accounts with original product-based pricing have view-only access to all synthetic monitoring features except:

    • Secure credentials
    • Private locations (although they can query a limited amount of data via NRQL)

    This means that users with this role do not have access to all create, edit, and delete capabilities for synthetic monitoring features (as well as view capability for secure credentials) until they are given a role with the appropriate capabilities.

Customize access

To get started, follow standard procedures to create a custom role. You can add View and Edit capabilities to any role for the following:

Users on New Relic One user model

For users on the New Relic One user model, the ability to use the synthetic monitoring UI to create and manage synthetic monitors requires the full platform user user type.

For limitations related to API usage, see User limitations.

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