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Synthetics usage limits and usage tracking

Your organization's pricing edition (Standard, Pro, or Enterprise) determines how many synthetic monitor checks are included for free per month.

A synthetic monitoring check is an individual execution of a synthetic monitor. When a monitor runs from one location, it counts as one check, so you can also think of synthetics check as a synthetics job, or a job execution.

For example, if a monitor is configured to run once per hour from 5 locations, then that comes out to 24 * 5 checks per day, totaling 120 checks. Your organization's pricing edition determines your check limits and you can view and facet the number of checks that have been executed.

Included check counts per edition

Your pricing edition determines how many synthetic monitor checks are included for free per month. These limits apply to all monitor types except the simple ping monitor.

The following are the synthetic checks included for free on each pricing edition:

  • Free: 500 per month
  • Standard: 10K per month
  • Pro: 1M per month
  • Enterprise: 10M per month

Exceeding free amount

For information on the cost of exceeding the free number of monitor checks, see the list price table. Scroll down to view add-on pricing, which includes synthetic checks.

Usage timestamps

Our usage-related data has timestamps that use the time a synthetic check result is received and processed. This may cause a slight difference between the time a synthetic check was executed and that time in our usage data.

View historical synthetics usage

For how to query your synthetics usage, see Query and alert on usage.

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