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Identify synthetic monitoring requests to your app

Synthetic monitor requests include an X-Abuse-Info request header field, so you can identify the New Relic synthetic monitoring account and the monitor that sent it. Use that information to:

  • Access the monitor results (if you have access to the account).
  • Disable the monitor (if you have access to the account).

Identify the account or monitor

To identify the synthetics account and monitor ID that sent the request, check the X-Abuse-Info request header field. For example:

X-Abuse-Info: Request sent by a synthetic monitor (/docs/synthetics/new-relic-synthetics/administration/identify-synthetics-requests-your-app) - monitor id: ${MONITOR_ID_STRING} | account id: ${ACCOUNT_NUMBER}

Access or disable monitor

If you have access to the account that the monitor request came from, you can view monitor results or disable the monitor in the New Relic UI:

  1. Identify the account number and monitor ID that sent the request.
  2. Go to one.newrelic.com > Synthetic monitoring and select a monitor.
  3. Click General under Settings.
  4. Click the Monitor toggle to set it to Disabled.
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