Synthetic public minion IPs

New Relic uses a group of minions to execute your synthetic monitors. These minions are deployed in different data centers around the globe, and they are in charge of actually running your monitors.

Because of this, ensure your firewall allows their network requests through it. Minion IP addresses are publicly available in JSON format, so you can easily read and parse them.

Recommendation: For easier maintenance, use these options:

  • Automate your rules for your allow list based on these files.
  • Add the IP addresses to your allow list by using a custom header.

IP addresses are not personal data

Minions are deployed on servers, and the agents are expected to be activated using non-personal credentials. IP addresses associated with minions running on servers are not personal data under data protection and privacy laws. For more information, see the Synthetic's security documentation.

Daily JSON listings for IP addresses

IP addresses for released locations are subject to change. If a change is needed, New Relic will attempt to proactively notify customers prior to any changes.


Public minion locations and location labels

The following table cross-references the synthetic's public minion locations with their location labels. You can query the location and locationLabel attributes from the SyntheticCheck and SyntheticRequest events.

Public minion location Location label
AWS_AP_EAST_1 "Hong Kong, HK"
AWS_AP_SOUTH_1 "Mumbai, IN"
AWS_AP_SOUTHEAST_1 "Singapore, SG"
AWS_US_WEST_1 "San Francisco, CA, USA"
AWS_US_WEST_2 "Portland, OR, USA"
AWS_US_EAST_2 "Columbus, OH, USA"
AWS_US_EAST_1 "Washington, DC, USA"
AWS_CA_CENTRAL_1 "Montreal, Québec, CA"
AWS_SA_EAST_1 "São Paulo, BR"
AWS_EU_WEST_1 "Dublin, IE"
AWS_EU_WEST_2 "London, England, UK"
AWS_EU_WEST_3 "Paris, FR"
AWS_EU_CENTRAL_1 "Frankfurt, DE"
AWS_EU_NORTH_1 "Stockholm, SE"
AWS_EU_SOUTH_1 "Milan, IT"
AWS_ME_SOUTH_1 "Manama, BH"
AWS_AF_SOUTH_1 "Cape Town, ZA"

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