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Regulatory audits for New Relic services

This list is current. Last updated 9 Sept 2021.

This document describes New Relic's products and services as they relate to regulatory framework compliance status. For more information, download the New Relic FedRAMP Customer Responsibility Matrix (CRM) Worksheet as a PDF|87K.

Customer FedRAMP obligations

New Relic customers must meet all of the following requirements for New Relic’s FedRAMP environment:

  1. New Relic-approved customers: New Relic’s FedRAMP-Moderate authorized environment is only available to New Relic-approved customers. For more information, contact your New Relic account representative.

  2. Order form: Customer’s order form with New Relic must include customer’s eligibility for FedRAMP.

  3. Subscription level: Customer must have a current and valid subscription to New Relic Full-Stack Observability Enterprise or New Relic-approved subscription.

  4. Authorized New Relic endpoints: Customer must send its data only to New Relic’s FedRAMP-designated endpoints.

  5. Authorized services and features: Customer must use only FedRAMP audited and authorized New Relic services and features.

Time frames

New Relic's time frames for supported regulatory frameworks and annual audits include:

  • SOC2 Type 2 audit: Reviews New Relic's implementation and maintenance of controls for the previous 12 months. The annual audit spans August 1 of the previous year through July 31 of the current year (for example, August 1, 2019 through July 31, 2020).
  • FedRAMP Agency (Moderate): Reviews New Relic's implementation and maintenance of NIST 800-53 rev. 4 controls for the previous 12 months. The annual audit spans November 28 of the previous year through November 28 of the current year (for example, November 28, 2019 through November 28, 2020).

Services in Scope by compliance program

The following table describes New Relic's Services in Scope of New Relic's assurance programs.

  • A check indicates that this service in scope of the most recent assessment and current reports.
  • A caution icon indicates the service is on the roadmap for regulatory framework compliance at a time frame to be determined.

New Relic service


FedRAMP Moderate




AWS Metric Streams

Browser monitoring

Errors inbox

Incident Intelligence (Applied Intelligence)

Infrastructure agent (and associated on-host integrations)

Cloud integrations (AWS, Azure, and GCP)


Logs (with exception of log patterns)

Log patterns

Metric API

Mobile agents

Network Performance Monitoring

Pixie: Community Cloud for Pixie Community Cloud for Pixie has completed a SOC 2 Type 1 audit.

Pixie: Auto-telemetry with Pixie


Proactive Detection (Applied Intelligence)

Programmability: New Relic One apps


Synthetic monitoring

Trace API

Customer risk management

All New Relic services are intended to be covered by our compliance programs. However, a new service may not be covered by one or more of our compliance programs at any given time throughout the year. This is primarily dependent on the timing when the service achieved General Availability (GA) status and the timing of the specific compliance program's annual authorization, certification, or assessment.

You can use any New Relic service regardless of its compliance program status. However, if a service is not yet in scope of our compliance programs, we encourage you to consider your risk appetite in the decision to use the specific New Relic product or service.

If you choose to use New Relic services that are not yet in our compliance program scope, you assume the responsibility to review, understand, and risk-manage your security controls as you deem appropriate. You also have the option to wait for New Relic to authorize these services before you use them.

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