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Android agent release notesRSS

December 17, 2013
Android agent v3.239.0


  • Call checkcast before invoking NR instrumentation.

    This fixes an issue where the Dalvik VM refuses to load a class with our instrumentation in cases where the inbound object is not the expected type as determined by static code analysis.

  • Don't attempt to instrument constructors in subclasses of classes we normally instrument.

    While we support instrumenting constructors by replacing the call to , we don't support doing this in subclasses. For now, we ignore these cases but may return to adding inline instrumentation to constructors in the future.

  • Java 7u60 (pre-release) refactored the class in which we were storing our invocation dispatcher.

    We've future proofed the agent by storing the dispatcher in another core class.

December 1, 2013
Android agent v3.214.0


  • End to end instrumentation for your mobile applications.
  • Automatic instrumentation of important system objects and methods.
  • Customizability to allow for instrumentation of your most important objects and methods.

November 21, 2013
Android agent v2.444.0


  • Fixed rare bug in Eclipse where all projects are built with New Relic regardless of agent jar presence.

September 25, 2013
Android agent v2.433.0


  • Added support for ProGuard with Ant builds.
  • Clarified naming of unknown carriers on Android

September 11, 2013
Android agent v2.426.1


  • Added support for ProGuard with Ant builds. *Note: Version 2.426.0 of the Android agent already works with ProGuard and other build systems (Gradle, Maven, and Eclipse).

June 27, 2013
Android agent v2.426.0


  • The agent now detects if the app was instrumented properly and displays an error message if otherwise.
  • The Eclipse plugin now refreshes your project after installing/updating New Relic.
  • Improved post installation messaging in Eclipse.


  • Fixes an issue in Eclipse on Windows where Eclipse is installed in a location with a space in the path.
  • Repackaged the agent with JarJar to prevent class space collisions.
  • Fixes an issue where a re-used HttpRequest object would have multiple X-NewRelic-ID headers added.

June 7, 2013
Android agent v2.397.0

Gradle and Android Studio support

  • Now you can add New Relic to your Gradle builds
  • Android Studio support via Gradle/Maven

May 31, 2013
May 8, 2013
Android agent v1.363


New Relic for Android is now compatible with Android 2.2 (API Level 8)

  • Fixes a scenario where the New Relic SDK could cause Android apps to crash when running on Android 2.2
  • Fully supports network activity instrumentation and reporting on Android 2.2

March 29, 2013
Android agent v1.347


  • Improved setup and configuration support, especially on Windows


  • Fixes an issue where HttpURLConnection responses could raise an unhandled exception
  • Fixes an issue where reported response time is much shorter than actual response time under certain conditions
  • Fixes an issue where certain HTTP requests could raise an unhandled exception

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