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Node.js agent release notesRSS

January 5, 2021
Node.js agent v7.1.0

Improvements Added Fastify v3 support. Upgraded grpc version. Fixes Fixed SQL traces being generated with invalid ID. Fixed log message for…

December 1, 2020
Node.js agent v7.0.2

Fixes Fixes a bug where the http.statusCode attribute was not being captured for an async invoked lambda. Fixed typos in code comments…

November 17, 2020
Node.js agent v7.0.1

Improvements Fixed a bug where spans queued up during backpressure situations would be improperly formatted and ultimately dropped when sent…

November 9, 2020
Node.js agent v7.0.0

Improvements Added official parity support for Node 14 Dropped Node v8.x support. For further information on our support policy, see: https…

October 28, 2020
Node.js agent v6.14.0

We recommend updating to the latest agent version as soon as it's available. If your organization has established practices that prevent you…

October 13, 2020
Node.js agent v6.13.2

Fixes Removed lodash as a development dependency Check for named pipe existence before each flush This removes the cached value used in 6.1…

September 24, 2020
Node.js agent v6.13.1

Fixes Fixed named-pipe check for lambda invocations to avoid race-condition. Named-pipe existence will now be checked just prior to first…

August 25, 2020
Node.js agent v6.13.0

New Features Added ability for the agent to write to a named pipe, instead of stdout, when in serverless mode.

August 20, 2020
Node.js agent v6.12.1

Fixes Security fix: Resolves an issue where transaction traces will still capture the request URI when the Node.js agent is configured to…

August 10, 2020
Node.js agent v6.12.0

Improvements Updated guidelines and templates for contributing to the project. Updated SECURITY.md with coordinated disclosure program…

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