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Node.js agent release notesRSS

May 11, 2021
Node.js agent v7.4.0

Added flaky_code and success_delay_ms handling of flaky grpc connections to infinite tracing. Logged all New Relic metadata env vars at startup

April 14, 2021
Node.js agent v7.3.1

Fixed issue with new_promise_tracking feature flag functionality where segments for ended transactions would get propagated in certain cases by promises that had no continuations scheduled (via await

April 6, 2021
Node.js agent v7.3.0

Added new feature-flag 'new_promise_tracking' which enables cleaning up of segment references on native promise resolve instead of destroy. Includes usage of async-await. This can be enabled via featu

March 29, 2021
Node.js agent v7.2.1

Bumped @grpc/grpc-js to ^1.2.11. Bumped @grpc/proto-loader to ^0.5.6

March 23, 2021
Node.js agent v7.2.0

The NEW_RELIC_NO_CONFIG_FILE environment variable is no longer needed to run the agent without a configuration file.If a configuration file is used with agent configuration environment variables, the

March 9, 2021
Node.js agent v7.1.3

Removed requirement to configure application name when running in AWS Lambda (serverless mode).Currently New Relic doesn't leverage the application name for Lambda invocations. The agent now defaults

February 23, 2021
Node.js agent v7.1.2

Bumped @newrelic/aws-sdk to ^3.1.0

February 1, 2021
Node.js agent v7.1.1

Added workflow for publishing to npm when a v* tag is pushed to the repo. Fixes resolveMx test by using example.com for a valid exchange

January 5, 2021
Node.js agent v7.1.0

Added Fastify v3 support. Upgraded grpc version

December 1, 2020
Node.js agent v7.0.2

Fixes a bug where the http.statusCode attribute was not being captured for an async invoked lambda. Fixed typos in code comments, documentation, and debugging logger messages. Thank you @TysonAndre fo

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