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Node.js agent v11.8.0

January 3, 2024Download



  • Removed api.setLlmMetadata (#1918) (cc4a975)
    • Instead, the api.addCustomAttribute will have the llm prefix.
    • The conversation_id will be assigned from llm.conversation_id custom attribute
  • Updated SQL obfuscation tokenizer to better handle negative numbers and boolean values.

Bug fixes

  • Ensure opts.headers is defined in http instrumentation (#1926) (7ea31a3)

Code refactoring

  • Updated lib/instrumentation/core/http.js to reduce the cognitive complexity to an allowable value (#1922) (4c30d97)
  • Updated lib/shim/promise-shim.js to reduce the cognitive complexity (#1924) (bd0a5dc)
  • Updated lib/shim/webframework-shim.js to reduce the cognitive complexity (#1927) (1ce371e)

Miscellaneous chores

  • deps: Updated @newrelic/security-agent to v0.6.0 (#1929) (4e09927)


  • Refactored tests now use tap if they still use the tap mocha shim + chai. (#1919) (957529e)
  • Removed access to deprecated req._headers and instead use req.headers (#1923) (0ec2f66)
  • Updated the cross agent tests, made updates to tests based on fixture changes (#1917) (2d666b6)
  • Updated helper.randomPort to use crypto.randomInt instead of Math.random by using crypto lib (#1921) (9003791)

Support statement:

We recommend updating to the latest agent version as soon as it's available. If you can't upgrade to the latest version, update your agents to a version no more than 90 days old. Read more about keeping agents up to date.

See the New Relic Node.js agent EOL policy for information about agent releases and support dates.

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