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Node.js agent release notesRSS

July 24, 2014
Node.js agent v1.9.0

We now support Cassandra via the node-cassandra-cql driver.New database instrumentation means that we can present you with the timing data for how long those queries take. Thanks to Aaron Silvas from

July 18, 2014
Node.js agent v1.8.1

Agent now tracks metrics for router queue time. In addition to X-REQUEST-START, the agent now supports X-QUEUE-START header times. This metric will show up as "Request Queueing" in the Overview tab

July 11, 2014
Node.js agent v1.8.0

General release of proxy support for the agent to connect to New Relic.HTTP/HTTPS support from the newrelic module to the proxy. HTTP/HTTPS support from the newrelic module to New Relic. Basic proxy a

July 2, 2014
Node.js agent v1.7.5

Plain http routes (i.e. routes outside of a framework) now apply config naming rules early. See rules for naming and ignoring requests.This fixes a bug where generating the would not work without a f

June 26, 2014
Node.js agent v1.7.4

The agent now reports the value of the NODE_ENV environment variable to New Relic.This will show up in your Settings -> Environment tab in APM. The data is being collected for debugging and to aid sup

June 20, 2014
Node.js agent v1.7.3

Support for instrumenting a standalone express 4 router. See issue 154. Set the default log level to info

June 13, 2014
Node.js agent v1.7.2

Captured parameters for express, restify, and hapi have been normalized.When capture_params is enabled the agent will collect route and query parameters. Previously express and restify only captured r

June 5, 2014
Node.js agent v1.7.1

Fixed an issue where collected errors did not include captured and custom parameters. Added the environment variable NEW_RELIC_HIGH_SECURITY. This correlates to the high_security setting in your newre

May 29, 2014
Node.js agent v1.7.0

Client side setting of high_security is now supported.High Security Mode is a feature to prevent any sensitive data from being sent to New Relic. The local setting for the agent must match the server

May 22, 2014
Node.js agent v1.6.0

New Relic Insights support no longer requires a feature flag. If you are a paying customer, you'll begin to see data show up in Insights as soon as you upgrade to 1.6.0. The agent will send event data

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