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Node.js agent release notesRSS

May 15, 2014
Node.js agent v1.5.5

Fix a bug where if the user disabled the error collector, error count would be carried over harvest cycles instead of reset. This would result in an ever increasing error count until the app was resta

May 8, 2014
Node.js agent v1.5.4

On connect, the full newrelic module configuration is pushed to New Relic APM. Full config will be visible under the tab, under the button in the APM application page.The reported settings will refl

May 1, 2014
Node.js agent v1.5.3

Express 4 support.Express 4 apps now have their transactions named correctly. Errors in the middleware chain are properly recorded

April 24, 2014
Node.js agent v1.5.2

Fix issue where dangling symbolic links in the node_modules folder would crash the environment scraper

April 18, 2014
Node.js agent v1.5.1

Upgrade continuation-local-storage dependency to 3.0.0. The newrelic node module uses cls to help join asynchronous transaction segments. The latest cls module includes a fix that prevents contexts fr

April 11, 2014
Node.js agent v1.5.0

Add high-security compliance for accounts with enterprise security enabled. By default, the agent now works with high-security accounts, whereas previously agents would receive an Access Violation. Ad

March 14, 2014
Node.js agent v1.4.0

Browser monitoring! Real User Monitoring! Which is also known as RUM! Whatever it's called, it allows you to see how long your pages take to load, not just on the server side, but in the browser! Wow!

February 14, 2014
Node.js agent v1.3.2

Includes a nearly total rewrite of the connection layer that the module uses to communicate with New Relic's servers:

February 1, 2014
Node.js agent v1.3.1

Always cast ignored status codes to numbers so that people using environment-variable configuration or strings in config still get error status ignored properly. If you disabled server-side configurat

January 18, 2014
Node.js agent v1.3.0

Support for Spumko's Hapi! This support works with both Hapi 1.x and 2.0.0, and like our Express and Restify instrumentation will automatically name transactions after Hapi paths (get it) and time how

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