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Node.js agent v3.0.0

March 7, 2018Download


  • Removed the ssl configuration option.

    TLS is now always used in communication with New Relic Servers. The ssl configuration value and NEW_RELIC_USE_SSL environment value are no longer used. Setting either value to anything other than true will result in a warning.

  • Security bulletin NR18-05:

    Fixes issue introduced in 2.8.0 where the agent may have captured all transaction attributes, even with High Security Mode enabled on the account. This may have included sensitive data attached to transactions.

  • All request parameters now prefixed with request.parameters..

    Previously request parameters such as route and query parameters were added as attributes without any name changes. For example /foo?bar=value would add the attribute bar to the transaction. Now this attribute would be named request.parameters.bar.

    Any Insights dashboards, alerts, or other NRQL queries using these attributes must be updated to use the new attribute names.

  • Adds support for EU Datacenter

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