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Node.js agent release notesRSS

August 29, 2016
Node.js agent v2.1.0-beta

You must read and agree to the Beta Agreement before using this beta version of the agent.

August 25, 2016
Node.js agent v1.30.0

A number of improvements and fixes to transaction naming rules.Added attributes terminate_chain, replace_all, and precedence to allow more control over how naming rules are executed. Please see the up

August 4, 2016
Node.js agent v2.0.0-beta

You must read and agree to the Beta Agreement before using this beta version of the agent.

July 14, 2016
Node.js agent v1.29.0

Domain error handlers will now be scoped to the transaction the error occurred in.Previously, the 'error' event handlers would not be scoped to a transaction causing our API methods to not associate d

Node.js agent v1.28.3

Improved agent startup speed by 10% by simplifying environment checks.Removed prolific fs.exists and fs.stat checks, instead simply handling the error for mis-used files which greatly reduces disk acc

July 7, 2016
Node.js agent v1.28.2

Director instrumentation that will now name the transaction correctly, as well as create segments corresponding to the handlers registered with director. Transaction naming refactor - this should clea

June 15, 2016
Node.js agent v1.28.1

The following attributes are now sent to Insights along with transaction events: databaseDuration, databaseCallCount. Updated Redis instrumentation to work with version 2.x of the redis module. Improv

May 25, 2016
Node.js agent v1.28.0

Express middleware metrics are now enabled by default

May 5, 2016
Node.js agent v1.27.2

Fixed duplicated external transactions for https requests in Node > 0.10.Any external transaction that used the https module to make the request would appear twice in transaction traces due to https.r

May 3, 2016
Node.js agent v1.27.1

Fixed issue with checking listener count for uncaughtException and unhandledRejection global events. Fixed a number of issues with promise instrumentation of Bluebird

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