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Node.js agent release notesRSS

April 21, 2016
Node.js agent v1.27.0

Notes This release has been unpublished from npmjs.org. Use version 1.27.1 or higher. New Features Reworked promise instrumentation to be…

April 7, 2016
Node.js agent v1.26.2

New features Added ioredis instrumentation. Big thanks to Guilherme Souza (@guilhermef) for the contribution! Added a new shutdown call to…

March 31, 2016
Node.js agent v1.26.1

New features Added capturing errors from the unhandledRejection global event. If a promise is rejected with an error, and the error is not…

March 23, 2016
Node.js agent v1.26.0

Notes Express instrumentation has been fundamentally reworked. This refactor includes a few bug fixes around error handling and transaction…

March 9, 2016
Node.js agent v1.25.5

Fixes Added instrumentation of Bluebird promises. Previously, the transaction state could get lost when multiple promises resolved close to…

February 24, 2016
Node.js agent v1.25.4

New features Added more HTTP request/response parameters to transactions. The agent now collects additional request/response HTTP headers (e…

February 18, 2016
Node.js agent v1.25.3

Fixes Fixed crashing bug on unhandled rejections in Q. Previously, the agent would cause the process to crash in the event of an unhandled…

February 17, 2016
Node.js agent v1.25.2

Fixes Added Q instrumentation. The node agent now accurately records programs using Q for promises. Thanks to @mdlavin for the contribution…

January 26, 2016
Node.js agent v1.25.1

Fixes Corrected an issue where the agent would sometimes crash looking up the port of the HTTP server that a request came from. Previously…

January 20, 2016
Node.js agent v1.25.0

New Features Added support for the new Response Time Line and better representation of asynchronous data. This has many implications in…

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