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Node.js agent v6.5.0

March 19, 2020Download


  • Added error attributes to spans.

    • The public api method noticeError() now attaches exception details to the currently executing span. Spans with error details are now highlighted red in the Distributed Tracing UI. Also, the attributes error.class and error.message are added to the span. If multiple errors are recorded for a single span, only the final error's attributes will be added to the span.
    • Added ID of the span in which an error occurred to the corresponding transaction error event.
  • Added new public API methods addCustomSpanAttribute and addCustomSpanAttributes to add attributes to the currently executing span.

  • Added new attributes to http outbound spans: http.statusCode and http.statusText.

  • Updated W3C Trace Context "Known Issues and Workaround" notes with latest accurate consideration.

  • Converted unit tests to run via tap. Removes mocha dependency.


  • Fixed route naming when hapi's pre route handlers share functions.
  • Fixed child_process instrumentation so that handlers can be effectively removed when attached via .once() or manually removed via removeListener().
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