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Node.js agent release notesRSS

June 7, 2017
Node.js agent v1.40.0

Node v8 is officially supported with the exception of async/await.Support for the new async/await keywords is coming in a future release. Until this support is added, New Relic does not support and hi

May 11, 2017
Node.js agent v1.39.1

Fixed a transaction state loss introduced in Node 7.10.0 when using net.createConnection.Added a new segment for net.connect, net.createConnection, and http.Agent#createConnection. Sockets created wit

May 3, 2017
Node.js agent v2.6.0-beta

Dropped support for Express <4.6

May 2, 2017
Node.js agent v1.39.0

Error messages are redacted in High Security Mode now. New configurations were added for disabling some New Relic API methods. These default to enabled and are all disabled in High Security Mode.api.c

March 30, 2017
Node.js agent v1.38.2

When.js hooks similar to Promise.onPotentiallyUnhandledRejection now function as intended.Previously, hooks like Promise.onPotentiallyUnhandledRejection would not work due to the way the agent wraps t

March 17, 2017
Node.js agent v1.38.1

Fixed issue with when.js instrumentation not preserving all properties on wrapped Promise constructor.Previously, the when.js instrumentation would cause an unhandled exception when private methods on

March 16, 2017
Node.js agent v1.38.0

We're excited to announce the addition of a new Node VMs page to the UI that provides a curated view of the cpu, memory, garbage collection, and event loop metrics that we have added over the past sev

February 22, 2017
Node.js agent v2.5.0-beta

Added support for recording interfaces that return promises instead of taking callbacks. See RecorderSpec.promise for more details.Thanks to Gert Sallaerts (@Gertt) for this contribution

February 16, 2017
Node.js agent v1.37.2

This release is the same as v1.37.1 except it has been re-published to npm due to an issue with shrinkwrapping the previously published package.

Node.js agent v1.37.1

Agent now wraps emit on http request/response objects instead of relying on listeners. Improved documentation for newrelic.noticeError() and ignore_status_codes configuration.The documentation now mak

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