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Node.js agent v7.4.0

May 11, 2021Download


  • Added flaky_code and success_delay_ms handling of flaky grpc connections to infinite tracing.

  • Logged all New Relic metadata env vars at startup.


  • Updated third party notices and manifest for husky and lint-staged.

  • Updated redis versioned tests to use unique DB indexes per file to avoid collisions and flushing of in-progress tests.

  • Pinned hapi 17 versioned tests to only minor/patch versions within 17.x.

  • Bumped timeout for redis versioned tests.

  • Wired up husky + lint staged to execute linting on all changed files in pre-commit hook.

  • Added resources to README to highlight external modules that customers should be aware of and possibly use for their applications.

  • Handled a proxy misconfiguration of collector and log an actionable warning message.

  • Fixed images for improved reader experience.

    Thank you to @henryjw for the contribution.

Support statement:

  • New Relic recommends that you upgrade the agent regularly to ensure that you're getting the latest features and performance benefits. Additionally, older releases will no longer be supported when they reach end-of-life.
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