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Node.js agent release notesRSS

November 2, 2017
Node.js agent v2.3.2

Added Node 9 to test suite. Removed problematic tests for ancient version of Hapi (7.1). Document purpose of throw in tracer to prevent developer confusion. Added script for running agent micro benchm

October 24, 2017
Node.js agent v2.3.1

Agent will attempt to reconnect to the collector forever after backing off to 5 minute delays

October 16, 2017
Node.js agent v2.3.0

The agent will now support the Node 8 await keyword by default

September 26, 2017
Node.js agent v2.2.2

Hapi handlers will now preserve the defaults associated with them.Previously when wrapping handlers, the agent would drop the associated defaults on the ground, these are now properly forwarded to the

September 11, 2017
Node.js agent v2.2.1

Added metrics for enabled/disabled feature flags

August 23, 2017
Node.js agent v2.2.0

Added support for ignoring ranges of status codes.The configuration error_collector.ignore_status_codes can now take ranges of numbers. For example, ignore_status_codes: ['400-404'] would ignore 400,

August 8, 2017
Node.js agent v2.1.0

Improved metadata collection for AWS, Azure, GCE, and Pivotal Cloud Foundry

August 1, 2017
Node.js agent v2.0.2

Improved documentation for newrelic.start*Transaction and TransactionHandle.Formatting for the startWebTransaction and startBackgroundTransaction methods was fixed and documentation for the Transactio

July 25, 2017
Node.js agent v2.0.1

Fixed issue with transaction events not including correct duration values.This issue was introduced in v2.0.0, and it has affected web transactions histogram and percentile charts. Fixed issue with Re

July 18, 2017
Node.js agent v2.0.0

The New Relic Node Agent v2 is here!This release contains major changes to the agent instrumentation API, making it easier to create and distribute your own instrumentation for third party modules. Ch

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