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Node.js agent v8.0.0

July 26, 2021Download


  • Added official parity support for Node 16.

  • BREAKING: Dropped Node v10.x support. For further information on our support policy, see: https://docs.newrelic.com/docs/agents/nodejs-agent/getting-started/compatibility-requirements-nodejs-agent.

    • Upgraded @newrelic/superagent @newrelic/aws-sdk @newrelic/koa @newrelic/native-metrics and @newrelic/test-utilities to the latest major versions.
    • Refactored creation of span event aggregator to prevent crash of gRPC when running on invalid Node.js version.
    • Added check for minimum node version >= 12.
    • Set package.json engines node field >= 12 and npm field to >=6.
    • Removed Node v10 from ci workflow and smoke-test version matrix.
    • Removed comments around replacing temporarilyOverrideTapUncaughtBehavior test helper function.
    • Removed non-applicable semver checks for versions the agents no longer supports.
  • BREAKING: The agent no-longer includes the New Relic certificate bundle automatically when using the 'certificates' configuration (commonly with proxies). If you find this breaking your current environment, you may leverage a feature-flag to temporarily restore this functionality. Example configuration: feature_flag: { certificate_bundle: true }. In this case, we recommend getting a certificate bundle for your environment such as the one from Mozilla. The New Relic bundle and feature flag will be fully removed in next major release.

    • Defaulted config.feature_flags.certificate_bundle to false.
  • BREAKING: Removed serverless_mode as a feature flag.

    The standard serverless_mode configuration still exists.

  • Added hapi 19 and 20 to versioned tests for Node.js >=12 and <16

  • Added hapi ^20.1.2 to versioned tests for for Node.js >=16

  • Upgraded tap to v15.

  • Upgraded https-proxy-agent to v5.0.0.

  • Updated linting to always use latest LTS Node version.

  • Updated CI and Smoke Test scripts to use setup-node@v2.

  • Added no-const-assign to eslint ruleset.

  • Pinned mongodb versioned tests to <4.0.0.

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