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August 3, 2017
.NET agent v6.15.202.0

Adds instrumentation for OWIN hosted Web API applications on .NET framework using Microsoft.Owin.Host.HttpListener versions 3.* Instrumentation includes async-await support. Adds async-await support f

July 12, 2017
.NET agent v6.14.209.0

Performance improvements when slowSQL is enabled, particularly for apps with lots of slow SQL queries

June 15, 2017
.NET agent v6.13.366.0

Agent overhead is reduced for transactions composed of an unusually large number of small activities

May 24, 2017
.NET agent v6.12.71.0

In some cases, the trace breakdown table overreported segment times. This happened when these three conditions were met, 1. instrumentation occurred through custom XML files, 2. the segment name was o

May 17, 2017
.NET agent v6.12.64.0

Fixed an issue preventing injection of a mscorlib reference into every module

May 11, 2017
.NET agent v6.12.61.0

The .NET agent no longer supports Windows Server 2003. Applications running on Windows Server 2003 will be required to use .NET agent version 6.11 or lower. For more information, get support at suppor

May 4, 2017
.NET agent v 6.11.613.0

A new configuration option to supply a proxy URI path has been added to the newrelic.config file. See proxy-uripath

April 5, 2017
.NET agent v

Fixed issue where "Query plan threshold" from server settings was being incorrectly interpreted. This caused a spike in SQL traces as well as explain plan executions for clients using server configura

March 16, 2017
.NET agent v6.9.62.0

Fixes a bug where a SerializationException message is generated in New Relic log during monitoring of asychronous calls. Resolved issue where newrelic.config changes were not being picked up by the ag

March 2, 2017
.NET agent v6.8.172.0

With this release, the agent reports error analytic events. The event type is called TransactionError, and it powers the Error Analytics in APM feature. The error events are also available through New

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