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.NET agent v6.26.0.0

September 15, 2020Download


The 6.x agent supports legacy frameworks (.NET version 4.5 and lower). If you are on .NET version 4.5 or higher, or if you are on .NET Core, use the 8.x agent versions.

Download URLs

Download the appropriate release for your New Relic .NET agent:

New Features

  • The .NET Agent is now open source!
    The New Relic .NET agent is now open source! Now you can view the source code to help with troubleshooting, observe the project roadmap, and file issues directly in this repository. We are now using the Apache 2 license. See our Contributing guide and Code of Conduct for details on contributing!
  • SSL Required
    In order to increase security, disabling agent HTTPS communication via the service SSL configuration is no longer supported. All communication with New Relic services will occur via SSL.
  • EU Data Center Support
    Adds support for communicating with New Relic's EU Data Center. Please review our docs site for further information.


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