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August 26, 2019
.NET agent v8.18.241.0

Adds instrumentation for StackExchange.Redis asynchronous methods. Generally, these methods end with the Async suffix (e.g., StringSetAsync). Adds support in the .NET Core Agent for StackExchange.Red

July 22, 2019
.NET agent v8.17.438.0

This release adds Transaction event attributes that provide context between your Kubernetes cluster and services. For details on the benefits see this blog post. The NewRelic.Agent NuGet package now i

June 11, 2019
.NET agent v8.16.567.0

CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) “pre-flight” requests with the HTTP OPTIONS method were causing extraneous metrics to be generated for ASP.NET Core applications using the CORS middleware. These r

April 22, 2019
.NET agent v8.15.455.0

Fixes a problem with parsing method signatures that do not align with ECMA-335 that could cause an application to crash. Fixes a problem where third-party libraries that perform assembly-scanning usin

.NET agent v6.22.0.0

Resolved security issue with how SQL Server handles escaping which could lead to a failure to correctly obfuscate SQL statements. See Security Bulletin NR19-03

March 18, 2019
.NET agent v8.14.222.0

Fixed issue where transactions may not get reported when custom instrumentation is applied to async methods with a void return type. Instrumenting async void methods is generally not recommended and m

February 12, 2019
.NET agent v8.13.798.0

Improved support for async workloads in self-hosted OWIN applications. Status code only errors are now noticed in self-hosted OWIN applications

January 9, 2019
.NET agent v8.12.216.0

Fixed an issue where the response time of a web transaction could be misreported when making asynchronous external calls whose duration extended beyond the time the web transaction response ended. Fix

December 17, 2018
.NET agent v8.11.157.0

Fixes an issue where stack traces for custom errors outside a transaction were not visible in the Error Analytics UI page. Fixes an issue with auto-instrumenting MongoDB driver calls involving non-pub

November 29, 2018
.NET agent v8.10.51.0

Fixes a bug in SQL-related database instrumentation that potentially causes a CPU spike. This bug appeared in the agent version 8.9.130

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