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.NET agent v8.20.262.0

October 17, 2019

New Features

  • Improved support for WCF.

    • Support for Task-based (TAP) service calls.
    • Distributed Tracing and CAT are automatically supported for HTTP-based binding types (such as BasicHTTP, WebHTTP, WSHTTP).
    • Non-HTTP binding types (such as NetTCP, MSMQ, Named Pipes) are instrumented, but do not automatically support Distributed Tracing and CAT.
  • [.NET Core] Adds support for .NET Core 3.1 beginning with preview 1.

  • Performance Metrics: The .Net Agent collects information about application performance in the following areas.

    • Memory and CPU Utilization
    • Garbage Collection
    • Threadpool Usage and Throughput

    Please refer to online documentation for further information.


  • [.NET Framework] Fix an issue where reading application settings from web.config or app.config could prevent the agent from starting up.
  • [.NET Framework] Fix an issue where the agent caused an application to deadlock when using a ConfigurationBuilder. This was commonly seen in applications using the AzureKeyVaultConfigBuilder.
  • Fix an issue introduced in 8.16 where Memory and CPU metrics failed to update.


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