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February 24
.NET agent v9.6.0.0

New Features Adds new supportability metrics to track agent endpoint data usage. New metrics will be reported under the Supportability…

February 3
.NET agent v9.5.1.0

Fixes Fixes application crashes on Alpine Linux introduced in 9.5.0. ( #929 ) Checksums File SHA - 256 Hash newrelic-agent-win-9.5.1.…

February 1
.NET agent v9.5.0.0

Do not install this version if you are using the agent on Alpine Linux; it will crash your applications. See this issue for more details…

January 18
.NET agent v9.4.0.0

New Features Allows NewRelicQueryName to be specified for SQL, to implement this suggestion . Thanks to community contributor…

January 4
.NET agent v9.3.0.0

New Features NServiceBus versions 6 and 7 are now supported in .NET Framework and .NET Core. ( #857 ) Add ability to disable agent support…

November 18, 2021
.NET agent v9.2.0.0

.NET 6 Compatibility As of version 9.2.0, the New Relic .NET Core agent supports .NET 6. New Features Adds automatic instrumentation for the…

November 2, 2021
.NET agent v9.1.1.0

Fixes Fixes issue #780 : Improves management of gRPC channels during connection failure scenarios. ( #782 ) Fixes issue #781 : Windows MSI…

October 26, 2021
.NET agent v9.1.0.0

New Features Feature #365 : This version adds support for the Linux ARM64/AWS Graviton2 platform using .NET 5.0. ( #768 ) Includes a new…

September 16, 2021
.NET agent v9.0.0.0

New Features Feature #672 : This release of the .NET agent enables distributed tracing by default, and deprecates cross application tracing…

August 25, 2021
.NET agent v8.41.1.0

Fixes Fixes issue #627 : Grpc channel shutdown can cause license_key is required error message. ( #663 ) Fixes issue #683 : Requested…

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