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July 21, 2021
.NET agent v8.41.0.0

Feature #611: Capture HTTP request method on transactions in the AspNetCore, Asp35, Wcf3, and Owin wrappers. Feature #580: Send initial app name and source in environment data. (#653). Adds support fo

July 8, 2021
.NET agent v8.40.1.0

Fixes issue #485: SendDataOnExit configuration setting will prevent Infinite Traces data sending interuption on application exit. (#550). Fixes issue #155: MVC invalid Action for valid Controller can

June 8, 2021
.NET agent v8.40.0.0

Adds Agent support for capturing HTTP Request Headers.Support included for ASP.NET 4.x, ASP.NET Core, Owin, and WCF instrumentation. (#558, #559, #560, #561). To enable this feature, the new allowAllH

April 14, 2021
.NET agent v8.39.2.0

Fixes issue #500: For transactions without errors, the agent should still create the error intrinsics attribute with its value set to false. (#501). Fixes issue #522: When the maxStackTraceLines confi

March 17, 2021
.NET agent v8.39.1.0

Fixes issue #22: Agent causes exception when distributed tracing is enabled in ASP.NET Core applications that use the RequestLocalization middleware in a Linux environment. (#493). Fixes issue #267: O

February 10, 2021
.NET agent v8.39.0.0

This allows sites with a Content-Security-Policy that disables 'unsafe-inline' to emit the inline script with a nonce

January 28, 2021
.NET agent v6.27.0.0

The 6.x agent supports legacy frameworks (.NET version 4.5 and lower). If you are on .NET version 4.5 or higher, or if you are on .NET Core, use the 8.x or higher agent versions.

January 26, 2021
.NET agent v8.38.0.0

The agent will now handle having its infinite tracing traffic moved from one backend host to another without losing data or requiring an agent restart. Improved logging of infinite tracing connections

January 4, 2021
.NET agent v8.37.0.0

Adds support for .NET Core applications using RabbitMQ.Client. Adds support for RabbitMQ.Client version 6.2.1. Not supported: Distributed Tracing is not supported with the RabbitMQ AMQP 1.0 plugin. Ad

December 8, 2020
.NET agent v8.36.0.0

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