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Dependencies UI: View an entity's upstream and downstream dependencies

For your monitored applications in our APM, browser monitoring, and mobile monitoring UI, the Dependencies UI page shows a filterable list of all the applications, services, databases, and hosts we can tell are connected to that entity. It shows upstream and downstream dependencies, and provides paths to explore them.

Similar to service maps, the Dependencies UI helps you understand how all of your upstream and downstream services are connected. It also uses the same color coding system used by service maps to show you what's performing well and what isn't.


The Dependencies UI page is available for entities monitored by our APM agents, our mobile agents, and our browser agents.

Here are required versions for APM agents:

View dependencies

To view dependencies for applications, services, databases, and hosts connected to an entity:

  1. Go to one.newrelic.com, select Explorer, and select an entity.
  2. Select Dependencies.
  3. To drill down further, filter the apps, services, databases, or hosts.
New Relic One dependencies

one.newrelic.com > Explorer > (select an entity) > Dependencies: View a filterable list of all the apps, services, databases, and hosts connected to an entity, and their color-coded health status.

You can filter the dependencies page to view specific things that report to the entity. Dependencies include:

  • Services: APM-monitored applications and services.
  • Mobile applications: your mobile apps.
  • Browser applications: your front-end browser apps.
  • External services: external services monitored by APM. External services include out-of-process services such as web services, resources in the cloud, and any other network calls.
  • Databases: your application's database and cache data. Databases are agentless. Because of this, alerts cannot be set for the database, as only the service call is reported to New Relic.
  • Hosts: your infrastructure (servers and hosts).
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