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If you run a business on the internet, our blog post about browser performance makes it clear:

Here’s a fact: Your users spend 90% of their time waiting for their web browsers to load data from your servers. Here’s another: 100% of your end-user experience depends on your entire technology stack. From your infrastructure to your application to the browsers that ultimately render your application, you need the ability to identify, diagnose, and resolve issues quickly across all of your backend and frontend services.

With New Relic One's browser monitoring solution, you get full visibility into the complete webpage life cycle of your application or website. Browser measures page load timing, also known as Real User Monitoring (RUM). But it goes far beyond that to measure:

  • Actual performance data, such as by page view popularity, filtered by geographical regions important to your business, or by user satisfaction (Apdex) scores

  • Perceived performance data that measures how quickly your async or dynamic visuals and interactive page contents display

  • JavaScript error analytics, stack traces, and source maps with line-of-code visibility, to show you the end-user steps leading up to an error itself

  • Session performance with a detailed timeline and heat map of the load and interaction events during a webpage's full life cycle

  • AJAX requests indicating problems with timing, end points, and specific locations in the webpage

  • Hash-based route changes in apps with single-page application (SPA) architectures

    By incorporating these tools (and more!) in New Relic One, you can help your teams optimize your end user’s page load experience, eliminate bugs, and troubleshoot faster across your full stack.

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Browser Monitoring in New Relic One

With browser monitoring in New Relic One, you see actionable data about your end users' experience with your app.

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