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New Relic's APM

Your Dev/Ops teams need to know why a performance blocker comes from the application itself, CPU availability, database loads, or something else entirely unexpected. You also need to optimize app performance wherever possible.

With New Relic's Application Performance Monitoring (APM), you have real-time and trending data about performance for your web apps and processes (non-web apps). In addition, with New Relic One, you can correlate your app's related services, alerts, logs, your infrastructure, and your corresponding mobile app experience.

Don't just monitor your data to get details about what's happening at a particular point of time. Instead, use the collective power of New Relic One to understand what to do with your detailed data, across your entire stack.

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NR One: APM landing page

Starting from your APM summary page in New Relic One, dive into the wealth of charts showing current and historical trends about your app's performance. Then query, visualize, and act on that data in New Relic One.

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Analyze current state.

Troubleshoot and resolve problems.

Optimize your apps.

Get actionable data.

Visualize your data.

  • Create and share a variety of charts and dashboards that include customer context with business priorities and expected outcomes.
  • Add custom values to your queries.
  • Examine architectural connections and dependencies with service maps.

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