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Monitor apps and hosts with health maps

The health map provides a single place to visually monitor the health of all your apps and their related hosts, prioritized by health status. You can customize the page by using different views, filters, and toggles to organize the map in a way most relevant to you or your team. Use your health map to monitor applications and hosts in real-time, and quickly track down problems as they occur.

Best practices

The health map pulls data together from several New Relic solutions. To get the most out of the health map, we recommend using the following features:

  • Infrastructure monitoring: Create filter sets to meaningfully categorize hosts.
  • APM: Create tags to meaningfully categorize your applications.
  • Alerts: Create alert policies that cover all your alerting scenarios.

The health map is also especially useful if you're using containerized apps on hosts, with many instances of apps per host.



one.newrelic.com > More > Health maps: The health map combines data from APM, infrastructure monitoring, and alerts to display your applications and hosts prioritized by health status.

Health map features include:

View and use health maps


To get the most out of your health map, see health maps best practices.

The health map represents the current state of your system. The map refreshes every two minutes. To view the health map:

  1. From one.newrelic.com, select More, then select Health maps.
  2. Select a view from the View dropdown to organize the map by application, host, or infrastructure filter sets.
  3. If using the views Applications and related hosts or Hosts and related applications, use the Filter dropdown to only display entities most interesting to you or your team.
  4. Optional: Toggle Show metrics or Show hosts to display more or less entity data.
  5. Optional: Display the health map on a TV / wallboard in your operations center to see your system's current health at a glance.
  6. If entities start showing critical (red) or warning (yellow) health statuses, hover over the entity or the Related hosts/apps tiles for violation information to quickly ascertain the scope and scale of the problem.
  7. Click through to the relevant APM or Infrastructure UI pages to get detailed information to start troubleshooting.

Use cases

The health map is designed to help operations and DevOps professionals, who are responsible for the health of large, complex environments, understand:


If health map host boxes do not display their installed apps, or if application boxes do not display the Infrastructure-monitored hosts where they are running, see APM data missing from infrastructure monitoring.

For more help

If you need more help, check out these support and learning resources:

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