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Product buckets

For partnership accounts on our original product pricing, you can use the Partnership API for managing subscriptions. This doc explains some details for using the Browser, Synthetics, and Insights products.


The Partnership API is not available to your organization unless you're specifically instructed by your New Relic representative that you should use it.

This doc applies only for partnership accounts on our original pricing model. Before using this API, read the Partnership API requirements.


When using the Partnership API for Insights, Browser, and Synthetics products, you must provide a valid quantity value. This indicates the number of Insights Events, Browser PageViews, and Synthetics Checks provisioned to that account.

New Relic uses this "bucket" pricing structure based on the quantity value in order to offer discounts on large volume purchases. Be sure to select an available bucket value. Otherwise, the New Relic Partnership API will return an error response.

Quantity by product

Here are the valid quantity values by New Relic product.

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