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Partnership billing integration API

New Relic's Partnership API includes functionality for partners to replace a customer's existing subscription with a new one, or to update invoice information for New Relic partner accounts. This is particularly useful for partners acting as resellers or managed service providers of New Relic accounts.

For example, when customers of a New Relic reseller partner purchase a higher subscription level from New Relic's Sales team, New Relic replaces the old subscription with a new subscription. New Relic then uses the API to communicate this information to the partner.


The Partnership API is not available to your organization unless you're specifically instructed by your New Relic representative that you should use it.

Before using this object, read the Partnership API requirements.

Communication endpoint

Partners must implement a billing communication endpoint that identifies the partner's URL and PARTNER_ID. New Relic uses this endpoint to notify the partner that New Relic has made a change to a partner account's subscription or invoice information. The endpoint must support HTTPS.

  • The partner-specified portion of the URL is identified from the Settings tab of New Relic's Partner Portal.
  • The PARTNER_ID is the partner's external ID for this account. This value must be passed when the account is created by using the partner_external_identifier parameter.

Billing API

Supported functionality for the Partnership billing API includes:

  • Customer subscription notification
  • Invoice information notification
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