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Partnership API user object

This doc explains how to use the Partnership API to add and manage users.


The Partnership API is not available to your organization unless you're specifically instructed by your New Relic representative that you should use it.

You can use the user object only if your organization has users on our original user model. Before using the API, read the Partnership API requirements.

User object attributes

The user object stores customer information. One or more users can be associated with an account. In addition a specific user may be associated with multiple accounts.

This is the list of attributes in the user object. Ensure you assign the owner attribute to one user when creating a New Relic account.


New Relic recommends a maximum of 1,000 accounts per user. Additional accounts may result in limited access to some New Relic features.

User calls

Here are the URL patterns for user-related API functions. If using this URL pattern, send an HTTP header containing the Partner API key along with the JSON request body. For example:

GET .../api/v2/partners/PARTNER_ID/accounts/ID
Content-Type: application/json
{ JSON data }


Resource URL pattern

List (index) all users of an account.

GET /api/v2/partners/PARTNER_ID/accounts/ACCOUNT_ID/users

Update the role of a person in the account.

PUT /api/v2/partners/PARTNER_ID/accounts/ACCOUNT_ID/users/ID

Create (add) a user to an account.

Only one user may be created per POST operation.

POST /api/v2/partners/PARTNER_ID/accounts/ACCOUNT_ID/users

Delete a user from an account.

Deleting a user removes that user from the specified account. Owners cannot be removed from accounts via the Partnership API.

DELETE /api/v2/partners/PARTNER_ID/accounts/ACCOUNT_ID/users/ID

User object JSON example

Before using this API, read the requirements.

Here is an example of a JSON request and response using the Partnership API user object.

User object API examples

Here are examples of API calls using the Partnership API user object.

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