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Partnership API subscription object

This doc explains how to use the Partnership API to manage subscriptions for accounts on our original pricing model.


The Partnership API is not available to your organization unless you're specifically instructed by your New Relic representative that you should use it.

You can use the subscription object only if you're on our original pricing model. It doesn't support accounts on our newer usage-based pricing model. For more on this, read the Partnership API requirements.

The Partnership API doesn't allow you to upgrade or downgrade individual product subscriptions for an account. Instead, the API requires you to replace (add) the configuration for all product subscriptions for the account.

If any product configurations are not included, the New Relic Partnership API provisions the account with the best free product type available. The API automatically selects the product level based on the configuration and custom pricing for the account's partnership.

Subscription object attributes

Before using this, first read Requirements.

Here are the subscription object's attributes:

Mapping for products (product_id)

With each account creation call, you must supply at least one New Relic product type. The API only accepts the numeric product_id for the type.


Reminder that the subscription object only applies for accounts using our original pricing model.

Also, creating subscriptions for Serverless, Logs, and Traces is not supported by the Partnership API. If your account has these subscriptions, any attempt to make changes will return an error. Please contact your account executive to modify subscriptions.


New Startup and Small Business service plans no longer are available through the New Relic Partnership API.

Subscription API calls

Before using this, first read Requirements.

Here are the URL patterns for subscription-related API functions. If used, send them along with the JSON object and an HTTP header containing the Partner API key. For example:

GET .../api/v2/partners/PARTNER_ID/accounts/ACCOUNT_ID/subscriptions
Content-Type: application/json
{ JSON data }


Resource URL pattern

List (index) all subscriptions of an account.

GET /api/v2/partners/PARTNER_ID/accounts/ACCOUNT_ID/subscriptions

Show a subscription for an account.

GET /api/v2/partners/PARTNER_ID/accounts/ACCOUNT_ID/subscriptions/ID

Replace the current subscription level with a new subscription.

POST /api/v2/partners/PARTNER_ID/accounts/ACCOUNT_ID/subscriptions

Subscription API examples

Here are examples of an API call to create an original pricing model subscription and the JSON response listing subscriptions for the account.

API examples (v2)

Here are API example requests and responses to list, show, create, and update original pricing model subscriptions. Line breaks in responses are for readability. The actual responses appear as a continuous line.

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