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Welcome messages for partnerships

You can include or exclude the partnership name with your customer welcome messages.

Partnership name

Here is an example of the default greeting for your customer welcome message.

Here is an example of the default partner greeting in New Relic.

Optional: You can suppress the partnership name in the greeting, as shown in this example.

Here is an example of the default greeting in New Relic with the partner name suppressed.

These settings are controlled by New Relic. If you want to use this feature, please coordinate with the technical contact for your New Relic partnership.

Multiple sub-partnerships

If your partnership does business under multiple names or in multiple different marketplaces using different branding, you can distinctively brand the different partnerships. This functionality is available using multiple sub-partnerships under a single partnership owner account. The partnerships can be distinct with several settings, including:

  • Name
  • Product pricing
  • Branding (headers, footers, etc.)
  • Billing configuration

After you log into your partnership owner account, you can select from the list of sub-partnership accounts.

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