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Tips and tricks

Here are some tips and tricks for creating and deleting New Relic partner accounts.

Account creation and deletion

When you create an account through the New Relic Partner API, the system checks the string submitted as the account name to ensure it is unique. If it is not unique, the system will append a number to the submitted string to ensure uniqueness; for example, account-name_1.

When an account is canceled, it is not deleted from the New Relic database. Rather, it is made inactive by removing all subscriptions from the account. If you attempt to reinstate an account by calling the Account Creation API using the same account name, the system will check for uniqueness, determine that the name is not unique and create a new account with an appended number. This is in most cases not what is desired.

To avoid this problem, as part of account creation, store the numeric account_id with the account name. When re-creating an account, check for the existence of this ID. If detected, rather than using the Account Creation API, use the Change Subscription API to add a new subscription to the account. Adding an active subscription to the account will re-activate the account.

Partnership owner account

The Partnership Owner Account is not part of the partnership. It owns the partnership. Attempts to treat it as if it were in the partnership will fail. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Attempting to SSO into the partnership owner account using the partnership shared secret
  • Expecting the partnership pricing to apply to the partnership owner account
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