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Restricted access partnerships

Partners who implement Single Sign On have the option to enable restricted account access by requiring their customers to access New Relic via their own management application. New Relic recommends that partners who want to manage their customers' accounts directly enable this option. This option is also recommended for partners with reseller agreements.


Partners who implement restricted access are responsible for providing customers with a means for upgrading, administrating, adding and removing users, etc., through the partner's product or interface. Customers who purchase New Relic subscriptions directly from New Relic are not subject to these restrictions.

When a partnership enables restricted access, its accounts are subject to the following limitations:

Account settings

Customers are not allowed to access any pages in New Relic's Account settings. This prevents customers from modifying the account, changing the subscription level, viewing billing information, and adding or removing users from within New Relic.

License key

Customers will not be able to access their license key or download their customized newrelic.yml file on the New Relic site. If customers have applications deployed elsewhere, this helps to prevent them from reporting to their partnership accounts in New Relic.

Direct login

Customers may not directly log in to New Relic to access their associated partner's accounts. Account access is provided solely using SSO and controlled via the partner's website.

Restricted access URLs

If you elect to enable restricted partnership access, specify the following URLs in the Partnership Console:



Redirect URL

Enter your login page for this field. If your customers try to directly log in to the New Relic site, they will be redirected to your login page.

Change subscription URL

When your customers select the New Relic Subscription option, they will be redirected to the URL that you specify here.

Feature unavailable URL

When your customers select premium New Relic features, they will be redirected to the URL that you specify here.

Logout URL

When your customers log out of a New Relic session, they are redirected to this page rather than the New Relic logout page. This option works with restricted access partnerships only.

Enabling restricted access

Restricted access settings are controlled by New Relic. To arrange changes to your partnership's restricted access settings, contact New Relic.

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