Partner products, pricing, and billing

This information is for New Relic partners. If you are not a New Relic partner, refer to the information about pricing and billing for New Relic accounts.

Partners: For account setup procedures, see New Relic's Partner API documentation. For specific product pricing details (such as New Relic APM), visit New Relic's website, or contact your Business Development representative at New Relic.

Commitment levels

When customers choose a product, they also choose a monthly or annual commitment level. Partnerships have the option of limiting available product offerings for their customers. Reseller partners may be able to modify these subscription terms based on the contractual terms in the partner agreement with New Relic.

Customized partnership pricing

For each product, partnership accounts may offer customized pricing. The actual pricing model used is subject to the contractual terms of the partner's agreement with New Relic.

Partnership options Comments
Pricing models

Example partnership pricing models include:

  • Hourly products only
  • Monthly products only
  • Annual products only
  • All host-based products (monthly and annual)
Partnership rates

Partnership pricing and billing rates depend on the selected option.

  • Hourly rate: Price charged per unit usage per hour, with precision to hundredths of a cent.
  • Minimum charge: Minimum monthly charge applied to low usage subscriptions, in cents. The smallest value allowed for paid subscriptions is 1 cent.
  • Connect discount: If this option is set, the connect hours for the first host or agent reporting to New Relic are discounted for the product.
Additional options

In addition, all products include these options:

  • A custom per-host price may be provided.
  • A customized volume discount schedule may be configured for a partnership.
  • Agent hours are computed by determining the maximum number of agents simultaneously reporting to New Relic within each hour of the day.
  • Host hours are computed by summing the number of hosts reporting one or more times to New Relic within each hour of the day.

Partnership billing options

New Relic supports the following billing options for partnerships.

  • All subscriptions commence and expire at midnight GMT.
  • For host-based subscriptions, fees are charged in advance for the month. Upgrade requests are honored immediately without any billing for partial use during the month. Downgrades take effect at the next payment date.

To view New Relic account billing details and history from the user interface: From, select (account dropdown) > Account settings > Account > Billing.

Billing option Description
Credit card When partners choose credit card billing, your customers are directly charged using the credit card information provided during their New Relic subscription signup. This does not include any license fees paid directly by the partner for their customers' accounts.
Invoice When partners choose invoice billing, your customers are billed directly by New Relic via invoice for their subscriptions. This option is normally provided on special request to customers with large monthly costs for which credit card billing would be impractical.

For resellers, partners are billed directly for all customer accounts based on the calendar month. Partners may be responsible for accounting for customer usage, pricing, and subscriptions.

Resellers have the option to implement an integration between our respective accounting systems. New Relic will invoice the partner monthly, using the Billing integration API for each of the paying accounts under the partnership.


Once a New Relic account cancellation takes effect, New Relic stops accepting data from agents reporting for the account. Customers may continue to access their data on New Relic until it is purged in accordance with the data retention policy corresponding to the product level.

  • For accounts with paid, fixed host subscriptions, cancellations take effect at the next payment date. New Relic will continue to accept data for cancelled accounts until this date.
  • Cancellations for accounts with free or paid based subscriptions take effect immediately.


New Relic allows promotions for accounts offered through partnerships. Promotions associated with a specific partnership may only be redeemed on accounts associated with the partnership.

Each promotion has a unique code. This promotion code may be applied only once per account. New Relic may impose further limits on the number of promotions that a customer may apply to an account.

Promotion Description
Free trials

New Relic may include a free trial period for features normally available only through a paid subscription level. This option is provided for a specified number of days. The customer's subscription automatically reverts to its prior level at the conclusion of the trial.

Payments for paid subscriptions are not interrupted by the redemption of a free trial promotion on the account.

Single use Single use trials expire after they are used once.
Discount (deprecated) A one-time percentage discount is applied to a paid subscription. This discount is applied in addition to any volume discounts and customized partner prices. The discount remains in effect until the subscription is modified or cancelled.

Legacy products and commitment levels

If you have questions about older New Relic products that have been converted to new pricing models, contact your Business Development representative at New Relic.

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