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Partnership admin console

The Partnership Admin Console is the interface for managing your customers' accounts and integration with New Relic. To access the console, sign into the partnership owner account, and go to:


You can also access the console from the New Relic UI:

  1. Go to one.newrelic.com > (account dropdown) > Account settings.
  2. From the left menu bar, select Partnerships.


one.newrelic.com > (account dropdown) > Account settings > Partnerships: Partnership owners can access the Partnership Admin Console from their account settings in the New Relic UI.

Console components

The Partnership Admin Console has two main components:

  • Partnership configuration settings
  • Customer activity monitoring

If multiple partnerships are associated with the New Relic parent account, the menu also includes an option to switch partnership accounts.

Partnership configuration settings

In developing your integration with New Relic, you must specify a number of settings. For your convenience these settings are grouped together in the partnership console, including URLs for header/footer and various redirects, SSO configuration, and keys and the ability to manipulate them.

Customer activity monitoring

New Relic provides you with two tools for managing your customers: State-of-the-Partnership reports and live monitoring of all deployed New Relic agents in your partnership. Both of these tools provide insight into your customers who are using New Relic. They can be used to identify up-sale opportunities or to assist your support group in proactive support.

State-of-the-Partnership report

The State-of-the-Partnership report provides a summary of your customers with New Relic accounts and their activities. The report is broken down by language of the agents deployed, the agent version and the language version for each account. This report is run weekly for each partner. It is available on request from your New Relic Business Development contact. This report is an excellent way to see which of your customers with New Relic accounts are in fact using the service.

Partner customer monitoring

The Partner customer monitoring facility provides application performance data on the New Relic enabled applications that are running on your service. This facility allows you to easily identify customers experiencing performance problems.

Where the performance problems are caused by under capacity, these customers are excellent sales opportunities. Alternatively your support or services organization will find this information useful in pre-emptively identifying customer issues or as good prospects for consulting services.

View an arbitrary customer

To view activity of a customer that does not appear in any of the filtered views: Go to one.newrelic.com > (account dropdown) > Switch accounts > Other accounts.

New Relic will list all of the reporting accounts in the partnership. You can filter or search the list.

Viewing detailed customer data

Under normal circumstances a partner will be able to see only the summary level data in a customer's New Relic account. Through the Partnership Admin Console, partners will be permitted to drill down to the more detailed presentation.

If you want to drill down from the Partnership Admin Console, add your user (typically support@partner.com or something similar) to the account. Typically this will be done at account creation. Avoid provisioning this user as the account Owner.

For more help

If you need more help, check out these support and learning resources:

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