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Co-branding for New Relic partners

Partners who bundle New Relic into their console can "skin" New Relic with their own look and feel, including customized layouts, menus, and sub-domains.

Co-branding example

This example is from Heroku's New Relic integration. In this case Heroku has chosen to use a header only.

New Relic partner co-branding example: Here is an example of co-branding with New Relic by using a header.

Headers and footers

To implement headers and footers:

  1. Create a header and/or footer page, consisting of content enclosed in <div> tags. Make sure the pages do not import any CSS or contain any inline CSS.

  2. Take any CSS needed for the header and footer, and make it available in a separate CSS file. For example, prepend a custom string such as yourcompany_ to the various style names, to avoid overriding New Relic's standard style definitions.

  3. Post the three files to publicly accessible locations hosted by the partner. Use https so your customers do not see any mixed content warnings. For example:

  4. Enter the URLs for the header, footer, and CSS page locations into the appropriate fields in the New Relic Partnership console.


To view the headers, log in to one of the accounts in the partnership.

Layouts and styles

Header and footer layouts and styles are loaded and cached on New Relic's collector servers for insertion into each page output. Updates made to the layout on the partner's site are automatically refreshed hourly.

Customized links to the partner's website may be added to the layout. If single sign-on is enabled, the partner may inject customer-specific information into the New Relic user session for use by the layout. For more information, see Single sign on and access control.


Partners can optionally display a custom subdomain; for example, yourcompany.newrelic.com, to customers accessing New Relic accounts. To arrange this, contact New Relic's Business Enablement team.

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