Version history

This is the version history for New Relic's Partner Integration Guide, created and maintained by the Business Enablement Team.

Date Comments Version
1-NOV-11 Base version 1.09.0
12-NOV-11 Added sub account section 1.10.0
5-DEC-11 Updated SSO with remote URL redirect parameter 1.11.0
12-JAN-12 Added accelerated development section 1.11.1
18-FEB-12 Edits 1.11.2
18-APR-12 Added API versioning 1.12.0
20-APR-12 Added warning on SSO email optional argument 1.12.1
27-APR-12 Added testing flag to accounts 1.13.0
5-MAY-12 Added View Servers endpoint 1.13.1
11-MAY-12 Fixed typo in SSO URL 1.13.2
18-MAY-12 Replaced is_admin argument to Add User with level 1.13.3
4-JUN-12 Added EYPS API 1.14.0
5-JUN-12 Added page widget css and sso 1.15.0
21-JUL-12 Edits to page widget css and sso 1.15.1
22-JUL-12 Edits 1.15.2
13-AUG-12 Added detail on finding SSO setting in partner tab 1.15.3
14-AUG-12 Revised wording around State of the Partner reports 1.15.4
16-AUG-12 Added detail on billing api 1.16.0
17-AUG-12 Clarified SSO options 1.16.1
28-AUG-12 Updated return code of delete account 1.16.2
25-SEP-12 Clarified logout URL usage 1.16.3
25-SEP-12 Added detail on seeing users data in console 1.16.4
1-OCT -12 Removed Demo user from user matrix 1.16.5
6-NOV-12 Removed data api, substituted pointer to git 1.17.0
14-NOV-12 Added Connect 1.17.1
6-DEC-12 Removed host validation 1.18.0
8-JAN-13 Added change subscription endpoint 1.19.0
18-MAR-13 Added example code for SSO widget 1.19.1
23-MAR-13 Revised SSO section and added Putting it together section 1.19.2
9-APR-13 Edits and updates 1.19.3
6-AUG-13 Version 2.0, v2 api, pointers to online doc, removed legacy SSO 2.0.0
14-AUG-13 Restructured 2.0.1
17-SEP-13 Added password standards for v2 2.0.2
13-NOV-13 Removed XML option for billing API 2.0.3
14-NOV-13 Fixed error in SSO section 2.0.4
10-DEC-13 Updated subscription billing 2.0.5
12-AUG-14 Removed confidential notice 2.0.6

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