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Set up SNMP data monitoring

You can use our guided install process to install the SNMP monitoring agent, or install the agent manually. This doc covers prerequisites to start this install process and a step-by-step walk through of your install options.


Before you can start, you'll need to sign up for a New Relic account. If you choose to install the agent manually, you also need:

  • A New Relic account ID.
  • A New Relic .

It's recommended to deploy the SNMP monitoring agent as a container for either Docker or Podman. If you need it, you can alternatively install it as a baremetal service in Linux.

There are also prerequisites for your network environment and the network devices themselves.

Supported SNMP versions

Our network monitoring container supports all major versions of SNMP (v1, v2c, and v3), including both Traps and Informs. Additionally, SNMP v3 has support for the following authentication and privacy settings:

Set up SNMP data monitoring in New Relic

Optional installation for SNMP Traps

In some circumstances, it's beneficial to isolate the collection of SNMP trap messages into a dedicated container. This is helpful to control scale in large environments as well as creating a distributed monitoring footprint with lower risk of full outages if a container fails. This process is not supported with the Linux service installation.

Note: You cannot monitor both v2c and v3 traps with the same container. If you want to monitor both trap versions, you'll need to launch a secondary dedicated container and configure your trap messages to be sent on a non-default port. For example, if you have v2c traps already set up on port 162:

  1. Configure your v3 traps to be sent over another port such as 163.
  2. Change the Docker container's arguments slightly, from -p 162:1620/udp to -p $src:1620/udp where $src is the port your v3 traps are arriving on.

What's next

You can set up more agents to complement your SNMP data:

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